The Netherlands, 2017
Department Award Nominee 2017

In a society regulated by systems, functions, and rules — what does it mean to truly be oneself?
AnOther is a soundscape experience, questioning the role of the individual in the monotony of rigid everyday routines, where organic fluidity of being is trapped. The constant recurrence of the word 'another' raises the question of whether something is one more of the same or an other, different from the one before. Using emotional impact of language to explore the hypnotizing beauty of infinite repetition, the installation opens up a dialogue about the contemporary ways of living and pressure of social expectations.

Sound installation by Raya Rumenova
Video by Lora Had and Francesco Fontanive
Edited by Raya Rumenova and Lora Had
Sound design by Osman Yuseyn
Location: The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Sticks and Stones: Language as a weapon

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