Work in progress

Bulgaria, 2021, 8 min

It's the story of a boy, named Nick, suffering from schizophrenia. Days go by as he constantly blurs the lines between reality and imagination. People seem strange, air is always humid, daylight too bright. One day Nick finds himself lost in the middle, so he decides to follow people and their directions. A stranger's path leads Nick to a train station. But the man looks too familiar to be nobody, and too suspicious to be somebody.

Written and Directed by Raya Rumenova
Production: Miracle ltd.
AD: Lora Had
D.O.P.: Neshka Karadzhinska
AC: Radoslav Kolev
Lightning: Victor Kirilov
Editor: Raya Rumenova
Assistant Editor: Lora Had
Sound Design and Mix: Osman Yuseyn