Sticks and Stones: Language as a weapon


The Netherlands, 2016

Whether one senses it or not, the art of argument surrounds us throughout our entire life. Sometimes imperceptible, at times very perceptible, but certainly always accruing in the form of persuasion. It plays with our thoughts and emotions, affects the attitude, changes our personality, talks us into decisions and convinces us to keep buying and be consumers. Language is much more than the shared understanding of a tool to communicate; it is the supreme software that drives our social lives. A real-life Matrix coded out of letters, symbols, and persuasive arguments. Arguments that stand behind political labeling, marketing, media, advertising, social behavior, actions, voices, jargon, gestures, guilt trips and so forth. By the intelligent use of those codes, we continually persuade or seduce one another through the authority of emotion as a motivator.

Content and Graphic Design by Raya Rumenova